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If your carpet is poking up in the place where your tile or hard wood and carpet meet, we can help! Normally this happens when the latex glue that holds the carpet down wears down from normal wear and tear. We can come in and reapply glue to the area coming up. If the carpet is worn or damaged we can even repair the carpet or replace it. Either way your carpet will feel like new at only a fraction of the cost

Sometimes customers find themselves with many issues. The best part of Carpet Repair Expert is that we provide truck mounted carpet cleaning or encapsulation, the best carpet repair, and also color restoration all in one place. This means that we are a one stop shop for everything you may need, carpet wise.

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Even the Very Best Carpet Repair is Far Less Than Replacement.
Carpet repair costs approximately 60-80% less than the cost of replacing the carpet. It can also be done in the same week as booking instead of the long process of picking out carpet and having it stretched during installation.

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