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Are you wondering how to get bleach or another stain out of carpet? Have you ever been curious if you can change the color of your carpet? Do you have a heavy stain that is difficult to remove?

Our specialists are trained to color match our dyes specifically to your carpet’s color scheme. We can match any carpet color so long as the carpet is dyeable and will not come out? These are all questions that carpet dyeing can solve.

Carpet dyeing works by adding color pigments to the carpet. Since all carpet is dyed, we are able to add colors that are missing to create new colors, restore original colors, or add vibrancy to carpet.  At Carpet Repair Expert were going to do specialize in carpet dye processes plus difficult to remove staining and any type of stain in your carpet. We can fix bleach stains (spots), change carpet color, and fix heavy carpet stains. Please call us today!

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Even the Very Best Carpet Repair is Far Less Than Replacement.
Carpet repair costs approximately 60-80% less than the cost of replacing the carpet. It can also be done in the same week as booking instead of the long process of picking out carpet and having it stretched during installation.

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