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Berber is a very fashionable and durable type of carpet, which is why Berber is so widely used. If the loops in your Berber have been damaged, it is extremely obvious. Luckily, we can fix Berber damage by hand placing a new section. Berber carpet repairs can be hard to make incognito, but at Carpet Repair Expert we practice the best carpet repair in the Front Range area. So put your mind at ease, We Got This!

Even if you have intricate carpet repairs, our specialists use the best carpet repair practices to ensure that complex situations look their absolute best. Seamless repairs are our goal. This means that you can invite friends over with confidence that your repair will look its very best. If you do not have extra carpet in a closet or an inconspicuous area we can take it from, we can try to find a like pattern or style and dye it to match. But this is a worst case scenario!

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Even the Very Best Carpet Repair is Far Less Than Replacement.
Carpet repair costs approximately 60-80% less than the cost of replacing the carpet. It can also be done in the same week as booking instead of the long process of picking out carpet and having it stretched during installation.

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